Hiring Fairness

The employee who placed this sign in my opinion did so out of frustration in seeing how hiring practices are blantantly tilted toward specific ethinc group members. Having a role in the general low to moderate skill job recruitment business, I have witnessed many job decription that clearly state where a person who does not speak Spanish or in a few cases Manderin, will not be considered for the job. If the job had a bona fide occupational qualification to need a foriegn language to adminster the job duties then I would not be confused or frustrated with that type of request. However, I have seen warehouse worker requests, food handling requests, driver requests and similar modererately skilled positions
Real examples:

  • Production Manager – Los Angeles/Glendale border
  • Bi-lingual English/Spanish.
  • Knowledge of food safety, Haccp, GMP, SOP, food audits.
  • Responsible for all aspects of production, including meeting production targets, explaining variances from target, meeting with QA, Engineering, upper-management on productivity, efficiencies, quality, engineering and sanitation.
  • Mentoring production and supervisory staff on safety, efficiency, and company goals. Working with vendors and customers on needs of the company. Involved in Safety meetings, special projects, and employee morale. Meeting targets on safety, sanitation, customer needs and upper management.
  • Minimum of 3 years in management, preferable in the food industry.
  • Leadership, organization, communication skills a must.